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Sunflowers Family

«Sunflowers» orphanage in Zambia

Living with the poorest, most vulnerable people of Zambia, the orphans:
This is the daily task of Father Peter Ruquoy (CICM).

The orphanage means:

  • One big family where everything is shared!
  • A little piece of paradise where the sun always shines!
  • A place where the orphans of different tribes retreive their joy of live!

Follow us on:

  • Find out on Youtube the movies where the way of live and the evolution of the project is represented!

If you wish, you can discover the history of the orphanage!

Listen to the musical achievements of the orphans and the students of the Collège St-Pierre Jette!

Watch the movies to learn more about this beautiful project!

The latest book of Father Ruquoy is available! Discover some pages of this wonderful testimony!

If you wish, you can support these children!

If you wish, play this puzzle!

Our partners:

In Belgium

  • The friends of Peter Ruquoy
  • The cistercian abbey of Soleilmont
  • The abbey of Westmalle
  • The abbey of Leffe
  • The abbey of Chimay
  • The abbey of Maredsous
  • The collège St Pierre of Jette
  • St Nicolas school of Edingen
  • S.O.S. Scheut

Our team in France

  • Aide aux enfants de Zambie
  • Vivre en Famille


  • Mission Possible (Wooster-Ohio)